Posted by Phelena Napper

Hello Madam,

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! I hope you take this opportunity to pour up and drank or indulge  in any other festivities that tickle your fancy. Lady bosses like us deserve to kick up our feet every now and then, to luxuriate and chill the f@$% out!

We want to thank you for continually being a support to Madam Indigo. Behind the scenes my team and I have been working our asses off (which is not entirely a good thing, because I love my jiggly parts!) to get the word out about our mission, to financially empower women of colour to reclaim the BILLIONS of dollars in coins that we freely give away to the Black hair care industry, with little to no return on investment, and what part of the game is that? Nobody likes being bent over with no vaseline--but I digress!

Today we were featured in The Huffington Post in an article entitled: “Black Women Are Being Ripped Off By The Black Hair Care Industry.” We’re super excited about this article and the traction that our brand is gaining. We have even more goodies down the pipeline. What is that you wonder?...OUR OFFICIAL BRAND LAUNCH IN LONDON! It’s been months in the making, but on Friday, October 21st Madam Indigo is hosting: “The Business of Beauty: A Financial Empowerment Event For Women of Colour.” We’re inviting all of our ‘Lady Bosses’ in the lovely city of London to be apart of the event. We have an all star line up of panelists, from beauty entrepreneurs to London socialites and life coaches. If you will be in London, we invite you to checkout the event. Come network with us, drink champagne, nosh on tapas and learn some shit too...mainly, how to start earning MAJOR COINS in the Black hair care industry! You can RSVP for the event HERE.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Yours In Perpetual Slayage,

Madam Indigo xoxo