Out of sheer frustration, I founded Madam Indigo in January 2016. After living abroad for five years, on four different continents and traveling to nearly forty countries, I had very limited options for places to buy affordable luxury hair extensions and equally important, quality hairstylists, who could slay my hair to the standards I was accustomed to in my home of Los Angeles. At one point, I was catching 14 hour flights from Dubai to the United States to get my weaves properly installed, a very expensive and impractical habit. As you might imagine, being a Black woman, who is serious about my hair slayage at ALL times, I had become seriously discontent with the plight of my hair. Thus, Madam Indigo was born!

Madam Indigo provides luxurious, multi-textured hair extensions for women with discerning taste and connects clients with qualified hair extension specialists from all around the world, who can answer their most pressing hair concerns. Our vision is much bigger than your typical luxury hair retailer. We aim to train a salesforce of dynamic women throughout Africa and Diaspora, by equipping them with essential entrepreneurial tools and training to become financially empowered.

Whether you live in London or Lagos, New York or Nairobi, my desire is for Madam Indigo to be your go to global beauty brand.